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The sweet art of concentration...

Tapatree artisanal syrup

For your pleasure...

The cooler weather is here and the holiday season approaches! We are introducing some very festive collaborations for your gifting pleasure, and we can't wait to share! It's East Meets West in the syrup shop starting on November 1st with the pairing of Tapatree Whole Maple Syrup and delicious grains from Grist & Toll, and specialty roast coffee from Cognescenti Coffee!

The focus is on terroir, artisanal process, nutrition, and flavor~authenticity is the name of the game!

Enjoy Tapatree's Whole Maple Syrup and taste the delicious terroir-rich batches of 2022!  

We appreciate your support of gourmet craft syrup!

"Dangerously good."

Gift recipient.

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