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Tapatree Whole Maple for Coffee

Tapatree Whole Maple for Coffee


A perfectly crafted accompaniment for your favorite java, this calcium-rich syrup will smooth the acidity and lightly sweeten hot or cold-brewed coffees. Step up to Whole Maple!

8 ounce, bottled in glass.

  • Tapatree Whole Maple for Coffee

    Our syrupmaker selects from our inventory of small batch syrups to mix a perfect combination of early and late syrups to create a well balanced syrup for your coffee. Not too "sweet" and not too "complex," this syrup is the best of both worlds for your coffee cup. Heretics have been known to also put this on their icecream. What you do with it is up to you! 

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Although it has only happened once so far, if you get a leaky or broken bottle, send us a photo of the disaster and we will happily send out a new bottle on us!

  • Shipping Info

    Syrup is delicious and yet heavy, particularly when packaged in glass!  You're worth it, so domestic shipping is a flat rate of  $10 to defray the average freight.

  • What's Whole Maple?

    Virtually all commercially available maple syrups have undergone a lot of processing, including Reverse Osmosis at the sap stage (concentrating the sugars and stripping out smaller molecules), and High Pressure Filtration. Tapatree syrups skip both of these common steps--we always use whole sap and minimal filtration so that the end product has all of the micronutrients, and as many of the minerals that will stay in solution. We think you'll notice the difference in every amazing batch! Single source from our forests, minimally processed, handcrafted by Nature and Tapatree!

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