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Welcome to Zoar Tapatree

by Deanna Nelson | Nov 15, 2013 | blog | 1 comment


Zoar Tapatree is an idea that germinated around a festive dinner table in the dead of winter and blossomed with a sprinkle of the heady optimism only achieved by those suffering with prolonged cabin fever. What, say you, is Zoar Tapatree? It is a forum for an amalgam of interests in our little community of Zoar Road, Rodman, New York, presently centered on crafting small batches of seasonal syrups, both Northern Black Walnut and Sugar Maple. We hope to use Tapatree to grow our interests and feature the interests of artisans in our community of neighbors and friends. Although our syrup is not yet available for sale, we will keep you posted on syrup development and the trials and tribulations accompanying our efforts.

Nestled on the edge of the Tug Hill Plateau in Northern New  York, Zoar Tapatree consists of two farms with a combined acreage of  254-acres, home to approximately 10,000 Sugar Maple trees and 1,600 Northern Black Walnut trees.

Let the fun begin!

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