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by Deanna Nelson | Aug 5, 2017 | blog |


It is storming hard, so I’m making a little time to write while we have power…difficult to sit down without being told to!

Summer is slipping through our fingers like warm water running down the creek. It feels wonderful and yet we know it will gradually evolve into autumn. For now, we relish. The days have been filled with friends, work, fresh food, play, travel, and new ideas–a recipe for a good summer. I find that these “summer” posts of mine tend to be filled with a yearning to hold on too tight, which drives Jeri mad. She’s constantly advising me to chill out. That summer is just fine. Just the right amount of time, she says…plenty. That it’s not going too quickly. I can’t help it, though! I love every second of summer. Everything but the mosquitoes. So I’ll be taking more pictures…that helps preserve it.

From the farm…the seed heads on the pasture grass are over my head, the butterflies are floating in the air, the gardens are full of blooms. The beavers are busy in the ponds, constructing massive dams. Paul is busy pulling down massive beaver dams. Jeri has been spending her summer with yoga, traveling and participating in the beautiful Fibonacci Gallery in Clayton, NY. Paul has been playing music, growing everything from trees to lettuce, and planning for more taps. Grandma Pat is busily settling into the school house. The kids have been fishing, putting in hay, working, and honing adult skills like driving. New projects are building into a new wave of excitement for us. It seems as though we’re all on the edge of something really neat and it feels great. Even if nothing materializes from this alchemy, we’re having a tremendous amount of fun plotting it!

We’ve had a very good summer with spreading the word with small batch, whole maple syrup. The complex tastes and versatility, once experienced, are hard to put down! Next Sunday, August 13th, will find us at the flagship store of Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs! We’ll be present between 1 and 3 p.m. with syrup tastings and evaluations. Thank you to Brent, Josh, and the full team at B. 1802 for believing in the magic of whole maple and letting us play in their fabulous sandbox! We’ll be back in Sharon Springs on September 9-10 for the Harvest Festival, so make sure you come see us! Til then, enjoy summer and all of its largess~

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