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Goodbye, 2016… Hello, 2017!

by Deanna Nelson | Dec 31, 2016 | blog |


I am celebrating the end of the year as I have for the past few years: a big pot of curry, a glass of wine, family and friends.  There is something comforting and also fortifying in this combination. Something about a full stomach and heart, no doubt.

Looking around the farm, we got quite a bit done in 2016. We moved an entire schoolhouse. The sap house has doubled in size. An increasing variety of delicious shrub is fizzing in our glasses. Tapatree syrups are slowly drizzling into new territories, like coffee houses and colleges (hearty cheers to Colgate University, Clarkson University, The Coffee Table Cafe, The Tarot Cafe, and J. Rene Coffee Roasters!).  We spent some good quality time talking sap with our favorite dynamos and their fans at Beekman 1802.  All in all, craft syrup is becoming a recognizable “thing” which bodes well for anyone interested in the best, most authentic tastes with an identifiable provenance.  It was a very good year and we are so appreciative of all the good friends, partners and juju that made it happen.  There were some “lows” as my nephew is quick to point out…some family illness, chapters closed…but it’s difficult not to see these harder times as the parts of life which make us appreciate even more the blessings we’ve had.

Bring on 2017! Personally, I’ve always felt that odd numbered years are generally super lucky. Consequently, I am REALLY looking forward to see what 2017 brings.  Paul is busily putting in new drop lines, a third finish evaporator is joining the lineup, and the woods are whispering that syrup season is on its way.  Snow is also blanketing the landscape which is allowing for some good skiing and dog-romping.  We are ready for whatever the days may bring…

So reflect on the blessings and lessons bestowed in 2016, and get ready to launch in 2017~  With eyes on the horizon and hearts lapping up the days, all of us here on Zoar Road are wishing you a very prosperous new year!

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