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by Deanna Nelson | Jan 21, 2015 | blog |



Ah, January! This month brings some of the coldest temperatures, heaviest snows, and most challenging conditions. It also brings in all of the excitement of a new year, increasing daylight, and some fabulous snowshoeing and skiing. This January is not a disappointment. We’ve received over seven feet of new snow, we’re soaking in subzero temperatures, and December taps set chest-high are now below the snow line requiring us to dig out drop lines and buckets. All part of life on Zoar Road! We’re happy to strap on our snowshoes and get to work~

So far we’ve been able to get a Christmas run and a second right about the first of the year (our New Yule batches). Taste is delicious and quantities are low, of course, and Paul is having to wrestle the syrup away from his boys who seem to always be needing a bit more! It appears we may need house alarms on the syrup stash, at least until we get some of the more sustained flows of late winter and spring. Having children in the sugar business is a double-edged sword: they are very enthusiastic about the enterprise, but also apt to eat up any product! We have happily resigned ourselves to acknowledging that Bradley is probably right–each child will need approximately 30-gallons apiece for personal consumption…

While we finish some sap house upgrades and get lines positioned in the forest, friends have been sharing some wonderful recipes that incorporate a drizzle of Tapatree syrup. Our favorite for a cold night is the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour, discovered by our dear friend, Brian Hallett in a book by Eric Prum and Josh Williams titled Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails. Wow! This lovely evening sip will fill your palate with glowing flavors and warmth rivaled only by a hot wood fire. Check out our recipes link if you are wanting a bit of yum and cozy in your cold January nights.

Stoke your fires. Gather your family and friends. Play good music. Eat good food. Relish the cold. Dream of spring. It’s January, and we love it.

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