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Falling Toward November

Here we are, more than halfway through October, which is impossible since I have not completed my summer chore list yet! The only solace here is that soon the snows will lay a blanket over the world (and my unfinished projects) and allow me a little deniability.

Fall is just inherently bittersweet. It is the season of endings...the garden halts and the plants wither, the leaves turn brilliant hues then drift to the forest floor. The world returns to a simple palate of rusts, greys, and browns, highlighted with the gold of the tamarack and the blue of the sky. Like the squirrels, we are quickly trying to complete our chores. Splitting and stacking wood. Putting away the accoutrements of summer. Preparing for snow.

During this annual wind-down (or wind-up to winter) a dear friend mentioned the concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh), which apparently is Danish for all things cozy. (I Googled it, I admit it.) According to the Danish tourism site, “hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” Sounds great to us! This was mentioned as a concept that we here on Zoar Road do indeed embrace with gusto...warm fires, warm food, warm friendships. Hygee is also a quality well-suited to the fall season...a move from the rigors of summer to under a nice wool blanket. Hygee is practically built into this time of year, with shorter field days and longer, more companionable dinner hours. Fall, as much as it signifies endings, also embraces fulfillment--the culmination of a season of growth--and contentment. It is the bell allowing us to put down our shovels.

As we provision for winter, armed with a new appreciation for hygge, we will make time to relish the warm energy of friends, food, and the blessings we are so grateful to have received. A very good prelude for November, indeed.

Happy Fall, all! Time for me to get back to work. Thank you for being part of this journey--take time to embrace the hygee!

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