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Baby, it’s cold outside

by Deanna Nelson | Jan 4, 2014 | blog |


Baby, it’s cold outside~

So the thermometer is reading minus 14-degrees this evening. The furnace hasn’t shut off but for a moment or two over the last couple days. We’re all staying within approximately 5-feet of the wood fire the last few nights. Baby, it’s cold outside!

January is great for brutal cold. It is also great for reflecting on the year behind and the year forward.

It has been quite a year for starting out on new ventures and adventures. I spent the last two days of 2013 on a frigidly beautiful jaunt to Ottawa with an old friend and my three kids. A little hockey, a little Canadian fare and architecture, and a little frost nip, eh? It was just what I needed to wrap up a very good year. It also left me very satisfied with the possibility of 2014. We’ve been blessed with so many lovely people and opportunities in this world, and we are all extremely appreciative of those who cross our paths. Paul and Jeri are similarly wrapped in the warmth of their hearth together with their children, with daughter Ivy at home for a spell, Grae safely back from Times Square, and Shane preparing for a new year of possibility.

It’s hard to know exactly what 2014 will bring, but we do know that it will include delicious January syrups, followed by a spring sap flow and ramps. In the meantime, there are seed catalogs to peruse, recipes to create, and fires to fall asleep in front of. Stay warm and bundle up…relish the cold and embrace the possibilities of the new year.

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