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A Trip to The Outhouse Farm

by | Nov 25, 2013 | blog |

I was thinking Marketing might better have been consulted when I first heard that our Thanksgiving dinner was residing at Outhouse Farm in Waddington, New York, but I was undeterred. Nothing was getting between me and a Midget White heritage breed turkey this year—least of all a farm name. And so we made the trek to Waddington this afternoon to pick up our bird.

Waddington, which self-proclaims to be the World Carp Capital, sits along the mighty St. Lawrence River. Outhouse Farm is situated a bit inland in a very scenic farmscape with old hedgerows and fields. Joe Metzer and his partner, Shawn, have been farming this land for the past five years as they simultaneously restore a lovely 1830’s farmhouse on the property. According to Joe, nearly all of their CSA produce is consumed by the small Waddington community—quite an impressive accomplishment.

Joe and Shawn of Outhouse Farms

Despite a biting wind, a dusting of snow, and temperatures in the 20’s, Joe toured us through their very efficient operations. We met their foundation flock of Midget White turkeys, goats, horses, chickens, and their rather weathered white cat. The most pleasant surprise was to be led into the rustic greenhouse, which housed some beautiful greens and a box full of chicks. Joe explained that because temperatures would likely dip to single digits tonight, they’d fire up the woodstove in the greenhouse to protect both chicks and greens.

An oasis in Waddington—we certainly couldn’t be any happier with the home our turkey had prior to joining us for dinner. And, since you know we had to ask, the “Outhouse” name came from the fact that the original outhouse remains on the farm—in the barn. As we bundled back into our warm car, I said a little prayer of gratitude for indoor plumbing.

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