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Whole Maple Syrup...So Magical!

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

The gift-giving holiday season is upon us, and we need to shift gears into seasonal designations as opposed to by-the-batch. Small batches are, well, small, so we can't guarantee a certain batch this time of year. (Don't worry! By-the-Batch will return in the spring!) This guide will let you know which seasonal aspect your syrup may fall in, to give you more confidence in selecting which season to choose! Each bottle is labeled with its flavor profile. Each batch custom flavored by the trees themselves!

Zoar Tapatree Co. 2018

Early Season Batches:

1C: Light, aromatic syrup with a buttery vanilla/butterscotch tone, hints of toasted nuts.


2C: Fragrant balanced syrup with subtle layers of oats, baked apple and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Amber/Rich.

3C: Candy-like sweetness of light brown sugar and melted butter. Amber/Rich.

4C: Vanilla cream wafer, toasty finish. Amber/Rich.

5C: Buttery w. cinnamon mid to late notes. Amber/Rich.

6C: Buttery pecan praline w. late allspice note. Amber/Rich.

7C: Delicate golden baked apple w. melted honey-butter finish. Amber/Rich

8C: Panela with bright top notes of hazelnut, fig, and root beer. Light body. Amber/Rich.

9C: Caramel w. condensed milk, bits of butterscotch and toffee. Amber/Rich.

10C: Brown sugar w. pinch of nutmeg with mineral finish

11C: Buttery dates w. papaya notes. Amber/Rich.

Mid-Season Batches:

12C: Dark buckwheat honey, buttery finish. Amber/Rich.

13C: Layered with fig, toasty notes, melted butter w. oaky finish. Dark/Robust.

13.5C: Fresh marshmallow, milky, layer of golden raisin. Dark/Robust.

14C: Warm honeyed milk with hints of cinnamon and dried cherry. Amber/Rich.

15C: Delicious baked pear with golden sugar. Amber/Rich.

16C: Dried cherry & pear with bits of butterscotch. Amber/Rich.

17C: Lychee/ripe pear with buttery smoothness. Amber/Rich.

18C: Candied sweet with notes of yellow raisin and brown sugar. Amber/Rich.

19C: Sweet, dried fruit with layers of caramel toffee, hint of allspice. Amber/Rich.

20C: Golden toasted marshmallow with butterscotch pudding notes. Amber/Rich.

21C: Toasty caramel popped corn ball…warm and delicious. Blue Sap Moon Celestial Batch. Amber/Rich.

22C: Layers of baked apple, melted butter and papaya. Amber/Rich.

23C: Coffee/toffee tones w. hints of allspice and late note of orange peel. Dark/Robust.

24C: Reminiscent of a smokey campfire marshmallow, hints of vanilla and unrefined cacao. Dark/Robust.

25C: Toffee tones layered in sweet and creamy condensed milk. Dark/Robust.

26C: Melted dark brown sugar with date/apricot notes. Dark/Robust.

27C: Notes of turbinado sugar with a flinty finish. Dark/Robust.

28C: Tangy syrup with tones of sour cherry, brown sugar and condensed milk. Dark/Robust.

29C: Plumped stone fruit with toasty brown sugar, hints of spice and a rum-raisin finish. Amber/Rich.

Late Season Syrups:

30C: Anise tone over fruity layer of cherry/plum, finishes cherry. Amber/Rich.

31C: Complex fruit, black tea w. sorghum; mellow finish. Dark/Robust.

32C: Raisin/dried cherry layers, bits of molasses, finishes with coffee/espresso tones. Dark/Robust.

33C: Sweet tea with a layer of plum and caramel-brown sugar. Dark/Robust.

34C: Toffee/coffee tones with hints of nutmeg and praline. Dark/Robust.

35C: Bright opening notes of tart cherry, followed by caramel and dried date and raisin notes. Meteor Shower Celestial Batch. Dark/Robust.

36C: Buttery baked plums with a little bit of oak and citrus. Dark/Robust.

37C: Intense, complex syrup, caramelized creme brûlée crackle, notes of citrus, anise and sorghum. Dark/Robust

38C: Umami-type syrup with coffee, melted butter, and grapefruit tones, and oaky bourbon layer. Dark/Robust.

39C: Rich dark chocolate covered cherry w. molasses notes. Dark/Robust.

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