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We the people…

by Deanna Nelson | Nov 11, 2016 | blog | 1 comment


After a rancorous election season, we celebrate Veterans Day and for that we are grateful. Both our syrup maker, Paul Haldeman, and our webmaster, Will McCulloch have served many years in military service to our great nation. Innumerable of our family, friends and neighbors have also served in the military. It is a sacrifice only a very few make, and the stakes are extraordinarily high. We are extremely appreciative. The ideals and aspirations of our nation are dear to all Americans, even when we may have differences in implementation.

“We the people” is a concept Zoar Tapatree embraces, not only in freedom of expression, but in terms of being part of a diverse community. Our strength as a nation comes in large part from pulling together and reaching out a hand to our neighbors, near and far. Thank you to our vets for protecting these principles.

So with voting behind us, we’re charging ahead with preparations for syrup season. Zoar Tapatree is focused on craft syrup—perfecting the art of concentration and highlighting the diversity. The panoply of flavors and body of maple and black walnut syrups is something to celebrate, and we are embarking upon a project to track down producers willing to commit some time to exploration. More soon on this front!

This Veterans Day, take a moment to reflect on and appreciate those who have sacrificed so much for our nation and our commitment to freedom. Take joy in the diversity of our nation, and, if that’s not enough, pour yourself a spoon full of syrup! A little sugar has always done well for the spirit~

Back to the woods!

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