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The most maple-y maple, please!

by Deanna Nelson | Dec 29, 2014 | blog |


As Paul, Bud, and I collected the first sap of winter on Christmas Day I couldn’t help but wonder what this batch would taste like! Winter syrup tends to be very light and sweet with cotton candy or light vanilla tones, and I suspect this particular flow will be super delicious—with a Christmas collection date, how could it miss? This is the beauty of small batch, hand-crafted syrups—a delightful surprise in every bottle.

Over the spring and summer, we participated in two fabulous fairs in Sharon Springs, New York. There we were regularly challenged by our prospective customers to select for them “the most maple-y maple” syrup we had available. I had to laugh and have them taste several batches to make my point…honestly, I am not even sure what “maple” means anymore! “Maple” is not–and should not be–one homogenous, inert flavor. It is a panoply of tones ranging from vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, raisin, citrus, and chocolate to bourbon (and numerous others along the way!). The terrior, the weather, and the activity of the tree have a distinct impact on the evolving flavors produced. Why then, you ask, does your plastic jug syrup taste pretty much the same year after year? Unselective blending…the throw-it-in-a-vat-and-blend-it-all-together method. While generally still yummy on a pancake, the wholesale blending of syrup produces a much more static flavor with none of the nuances small batches and limited blends provide.

At Tapatree, we are committed to making the most of what the trees, the terrior and Mother Nature have to offer, and we think the results are delicious as well as exciting. Each batch or careful blend offers a fresh perspective on “maple” and gives you the opportunity to taste the full potential of this magical, natural product. Minimal processing enhances the whole flavor of the product and allows you to experience the natural minerals that are part and parcel of the syrups. What will you see in this new season of syrups? More delicious batches and careful blends, more opportunities to taste a range of batches across the season, and more commentary on the provenance of the syrups we produce.

As the year winds down and a new syruping season ramps ups, count your blessings and savor the nougats of “delectable” each day offers. We will be doing the same.

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