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by Deanna Nelson | Jan 19, 2014 | blog |


Melted…and now frozen again.

Last Saturday brought 50-degree Fahrenheit immediately following some of the heaviest snowfall of the season. It seemed a little unfair after all the snow removal that we weren’t able to play in all that beautiful powder. On the upside, this past week we experienced some great January sap flow—very exciting! We are all hungry for the clean light flavor of the syrup created from January sap, and if that meant losing some snow cover, we were all for it.  As January weather goes, we’re now set for another dip into the single digits by Tuesday.

This is a “ramping up” year and we are trying out different techniques and timing, particularly with the black walnut trees. Paul is noticing that the lower density of the black walnuts seems to be impacting when the sap is flowing as compared to the denser sugar maples. They’re flowing sooner, which logistically will be handy in terms of sap management.

Snowshoes are in order as Paul installs lines, collects sap and continues to get trees tapped in the woods. There is less snow to slog through, but still a couple of feet in the forest. Stay tuned for boiling news!

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