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Lush Days of Summer

by Deanna Nelson | Jul 13, 2014 | blog | 2 comments


It is LUSH. The flora and fauna are out-producing each other…leaves, grains, fawns, keets, ducklings, skunklings (or whatever they’d be called!) and everything else you could imagine. We love this time of year for the sheer bounty of it. We also like that we don’t have to layer up with boots, coveralls, hats, gloves, long underwear, etc.–it’s easy to get around! We’ve had an influx of visitors, which is lovely. Paul and Jeri launched the summer with a trip to Vermont for music, food and friends. They’ve also had a very gratifying two weeks with siblings, cousins, children, and all manner of other family. Here at my farm, we’re lucky to have a nice long visit from my sister and nephew. It has been fun to share all the different syrups, and try out all sorts of new recipes and uses for this amazing natural product. My nephew wants it for breakfast, lunch and dinner–can’t blame him! The visitors are subsiding, so now it’s back to work~

Paul has finished with his asparagus harvest, and just brought the brush hog over to mow trails and take a few sweeps by the baby black walnut trees. We’ll be putting tree protectors on shortly since we’ve found that the deer population is always appreciative of a newly mowed trail–makes it easier for them to find a walnut leaf. The summer is fast and furious, and we’re trying to maximize the resources and weather. On the docket: efficiencies in the sap house, mainlines in the woods, and trail work.

Layered in with the work, we’re selling and sampling syrup while encouraging people to taste the delicious possibilities of small batch, single source syrup. Syrup sales have been very rewarding and the feedback has been exciting. The range of distinct flavors have led to many personal favorites (“a syrup for every palate”), and also different and exciting uses of this natural sugar. The furthest bottle was delivered to Belgium, and others have scattered over the continental states, including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana!

The most creative recipes? A Beekman 1802 inspired rhubarb cocktail lightly sweetened with a vanilla-y mid-season syrup; a hearty burger grilled with Montreal seasoning and late season syrup (kid-created favorite!); a delicious glaze for grilled salmon; and pan-pressed beet rasti carmalized with herbs de Provence (or actually “herbs de Zoar Road” since we make our own). Plenty more to come! Send us your recipes or favorites–so many delicious possibilities.

This past week saw a “Super” full moon, which really personified the height of summer. Enjoy every warm, steamy minute of this amazing time of year!

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