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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

by Deanna Nelson | Dec 12, 2013 | blog |


Let it snow!

Who can stop it in any event?!?

We are sitting in our warm homes before hot fires while the white fluffy stuff settles in rapidly around us. Ella has been on her two favorite Snow Day Predictor sites and it looks like either a 71% chance of a snow delay, or 99% chance of a second snow day this week. She’s going with her favorite – the second site. The boys rigged up outdoor lights and quickly assembled their starting block and ski obstacles. Paul and Jeri’s son Grae absconded with their red truck and headed for the local ski hill. We haven’t seen the kids in quite awhile, and I imagine they are all caked with snow. With a foot of snow in the driveway over just the last three hours and no sign of letting up, it looks like everyone’s dreams may come true… Jeri is hoping for at least another delay. There is something about being able to enjoy a leisurely second cup of coffee that makes every day that much sweeter.

Lake effect snow is a way of life here in Rodman. Tucked in at the edge of the Tug Hill Plateau, we are the beneficiaries of bands of intense snow that develop over Lake Ontario, then drop on us as the clouds move into the higher elevations. Although we have quite a bit of snow, just to the east of Rodman on the Plateau itself, you will find some of the highest snowfalls in the state. Much to the kids’ delight, one of their favorite local ski hills reported 47” in just one overnight period this week. Areas outside of the localized band may have gotten just a dusting. Hit or miss!

So if you’re hoping for a snow day tomorrow, turn your pajamas inside out, put a spoon under your pillow, and flush a few ice cubes down the toilet. I hear these techniques work. Just ask Ella.

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