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It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

by Deanna Nelson | Dec 3, 2013 | blog |


The holidays! The Thanksgiving dishes are back in the china cupboard and now it’s time to deck the halls. I saw an electric Hanukah menorah atop a sedan last weekend—everyone is clearly feeling festive!

How do you celebrate the season? Are you thinking about gifts for all of those special people in your life? Were you out on Black Turkey or Black Friday? Small Business Saturday? Taking advantage of Cyber Monday? There certainly is a surge of love and a watershed of generosity this time of year. It’s sometimes hard to hug the world, but we do the best we can with a thoughtful gift or donation. As a dear friend grumpily pointed out, however, a thoughtless or ill-placed gift can ruin the day~ Sigh. So much pressure to properly express!

Our Tapatree suggestion? Click off the ignition and think about the small business and craft markets in a 30-mile radius of your home—a beautiful gift that is handcrafted and also supports the creative spirit of your hometown can be a triple gift—thoughtful, ecologically sound (less transportation cost!), and supportive of the arts in your neck of the woods! Can’t think of a creative soul to support? Log on and find another small market with quality products. Jeri and I spent an afternoon at Two Chicks Alpaca Farm here in Rodman. Jeri got a kiss on the lips from a lovely artisan, and I have some warm and cozy presents to warm a few holidays! Win, win, we say~ Take your spirit to the streets…it’s a lovely time of year!

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