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by Deanna Nelson | Nov 16, 2013 | blog |


Apples…why is Tapatree posting APPLE photos while gearing up for tapping?

No, we’re not tapping apple trees—they’re just so prolific on our farms, and so fabulous, they’re along for the ride. The Tapatree farms have been cultivated and lived on by non-native settlers since the early to mid-1800s, and apple trees (amongst other items), are part of the legacy of farms gone by. The abandoned orchards and their progeny have left us with a very hearty crop this year. It was a banner year for apples—and it’s easy to see why our forebears kept their larders full with a wide variety of apples from early season through late fall. They’re delicious.

This year I collected up a huge supply, scrubbed them, diced them (skins and all!), cooked them down, then went after them with a submersible blender to make them into a very tasty applesauce for the winter months. We all prefer our ‘sauce with no sugar added so the tart flavors of the different apples shine through. A little drizzle of syrup would certainly smooth out the taste for those of you with a sweeter tooth. Paul has taken a more direct approach and has been eating apples right off the trees (along with wild plums) for his lunch while he’s been working the in woods—lunch to go on Zoar Road~!

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