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2019 Traditional Syrups

The profiles are complete for the 2019 Traditional Whole Maple Syrups! Thank you to all of our tasters!

1D: A simple, candied syrup with fresh milky vanilla tones and notes of buttery golden sugar. Hints of toasted nuts. Amber/Rich.

2D: Light vanilla-honey with notes of cane juice. Amber/Rich.

3D: Light buttery baked pear with vanilla notes and hints of marshmallow. Amber/Rich.

4D: Melange of light fruitiness and end note of tea; hints of buttery butterscotch. Amber/Rich.

5D: Sweet tea, with light notes of honey-butter and toast; unusually complex early batch. Amber/Rich.

6D: Toffee taffy with a finishing note of fresh orange. Amber/Rich. Celestial Batch: Full Moon.

7D: Vanilla creme brulee with toasted nut and hints of caramel and nutmeg. Amber/Rich.

8D: Sweet grassy caramel, notes of buttery toffee and condensed milk. Amber/Rich.

9D: Creme brulee & fresh butter, hints of vanilla & fruit. Amber/Rich.

10D: Carmelled golden sugar with notes of fresh butter, vanilla, and hints of dried papaya. Amber/Rich.

11D: Buttery peach-mango, with hints of raisin and vanilla finish. Amber/Rich.

12D: Apple crisp with hints of praline. Amber/Rich.

13D: Buttery light brown sugar & cinnamon, hints of oat and vanilla. Amber/Rich.

14D: Apricot fruitiness with notes of cardamom and sweet tea. Amber/Rich.

15D: Angel food cake with hints of date, vanilla and condensed milk. Amber/Rich.

16D: Classic honey-vanilla, oats and caramel-butterscotch tones. Amber/Rich.

17D: Classic ginger snap flavor with notes of ginger, caramel, allspice, and butter. Amber/Rich.

18D: Buttery brown sugar w. hints of fruit/spiced rum, butterscotch finish. Amber/Rich.

19D: Steamed milk and caramel butterscotch with hints of coffee and dates. Amber/Rich.

20D: Classic Postum flavor--melange of coffee with cream, dates and allspice. Dark/Robust.

21D: Honey with toasty light brown sugar, bits of toffee. Amber/Rich.

22D: Deep forest flavor of dried fruit & molasses, lightly spiced, clean finish. Dark/Robust.

23D: Dark praline with molasses & dried fruit notes, hints of coffee & cacao. Dark/Robust.

24D: Wild sweet plum with layers of cacao. Amber/Rich.

25D: Molasses with grapefruit and date notes. Dark/Robust.

26D: Caramel and spiced rum, apricot notes, buttery finish. Amber/Rich.

27D: Dark plump raisin with light, silky molasses, hints of candy apple. Dark/Robust.

28D: Layers of bourbon/spiced rum, hints of allspice, dark brown sugar & chocolate. Dark/Robust.

29D: Smokey brown sugar crackle w. subtle layers of fruit, toasted nut finish. Dark/Robust.

30D: Coffee & liquor-soaked cherries, mineral finish. Dark/Robust.

31D: A nicely balanced sorghum and toffee toned syrup; hints of birch and dark chocolate finish. Dark/Robust.

32D: Anise notes with a coffee-praline finish. Dark/Robust.

33D: Bright dark raisin & dried cherry, hints of dark chocolate, molasses & spiced rum. Dark/Robust.

34D: Reminiscent of black Turkish figs and blackstrap molasses. Dark/Robust.

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