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Woodpiles and hibernation

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

by Deanna Nelson | Nov 17, 2013 | blog | 2 comments


Thanksgiving and the inevitable slide into winter hibernation must be getting close. Paul delivered the last couple cords of firewood and Boo is entertaining friends in her home again after a busy season catering weddings and parties throughout the region.

As I stacked wood this morning, I was recounting the weekend and counting blessings (and dogs because they kept inserting themselves between me and the woodpile). Our Tapatree website was launched after exhaustive work by our web designer, Will McCulloch. Although Will is no longer down the road, he’s continued to be a good friend and virtual neighbor to everyone here. His creative and technical support has been amazing. My barn and Paul’s are filled with wood from our own forests—a double blessing since we’ll be warm this winter and we’ve (Paul’s) been able to further clear lines for sap collection. Last night we all enjoyed a fabulous evening of camaraderie and delicious food from our gardens and local markets—one of many to come. And the blessings continue to pile on, as the next few weeks will be filled with friends, taps, and the first boil of sap.

As a friend pointed out, there is glory in every day—we just need to look for it. From everyone here on Zoar Road, we hope you make that a practice. What better way to prepare for a long winter nap…

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