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Tastings and treasures

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

by Deanna Nelson | Jul 2, 2016 | sap house notes |


The tastes are in, and here are the profiles for the 2016 spring line of whole maple syrups!

2016 Zoar Tapatree Co. Syrup Profiles:

This year the weather was wild and the syrups capture that crazy up and down! Overall, the batches represent much darker, spicier syrups—they are BOLD! Each small batch or medley presents a unique experience for your palate.

1: Wow. Much darker than our usual inaugural run, this batch is like a light blackstrap molasses, with hints of licorice. 2: Carrying over some of the surprises of #1, batch #2 is reminiscent of sorghum with undertones of coffee. 3: Lighter, buttery syrup with the smoothness of light brown sugar, dressed with slight hints of green chicory. 4: Crème brulee with mineral undertones, hints of toasty walnut. 5: Reminiscent of demerara (a partially refined brown sugar in Guyana [who knew?!?]) confectionery with bits of spice. 6: Light empurymatic whispers of toffee and cedar, layered with subtle raisin tones. 7: (Hijacked for making some amazing maple-walnut blends! This was a bright, light syrup perfect for complementing the magic of walnut.) 8: Apricot, honey and light raisin with an after-note of clove are the sunny tones of this syrup. 9: This syrup captures again the partially refined essence of demerara, a little grassy with vanilla, back notes of fig, finishing with a floral note. 10: A very balanced syrup with buttery peach-toffee tones. Very thick body. 11: Golden sugar with hints of raisin, some mineral notes. 12: Campfire roasted marshmallow, finished with bits of nutmeg. 13: Minerals and limestone, coffee/toffee tones with hints of fresh mown hay. Light floral late notes. 14: Full Moon Batch: A very caramel rich syrup, hints of coffee, with lots of mineral drop (as always with the full moon!). 15: Toffee, with spicy prune flavors; mineral notes 16: Vanilla, nutmeg, flowery, aromatic. 17: Fruitcake! Praline and dried fruits with light brown sugar…hints of cinnamon. 18: Golden sugar butter with nuanced vanilla tones. 19: Oaky syrup reminiscent of a grassy meadow with apple tannins. 20: Strong flavored syrup with pronounced soy notes and nutmeg afternotes. Oaky finish. Perfect for that salmon glaze! 21: Dark chocolate tones with subtle notes of dried fruit. 22: Entering the bold, late syrups! This batch has a dark mineral tone of a light molasses, after tones of chocolate. 23: Rich, minerally syrup with pronounced coffee tones. 24: Sorghum flavored syrup with buckwheat tones. 25: Tangy, mango and dark chocolate! 26: Prunes with fresh butter! 27: Robust, intense syrup with malty tones, with oats and apple notes. 28: Citrus with butter undertones. 29: This bold syrup closes out the Spring 2016 run with a tangy zing of citrus and prune or dried fruits. Well-suited for roasting root vegetables or for a hearty bowl of quinoa.

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