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In like a lion…

by Deanna Nelson | Mar 7, 2017 | blog |


Traditional maple season is upon us! Paul cannot remember a spring season starting so early in earnest. We’re pretty much two full weeks ahead of schedule, and we’re collecting without having to work around snow. Not a particularly classic scene, although it is easier to traverse the woods.

So far, we have nine small batches in glass settling jars. We’re committed to creating whole syrups so you have full flavor. Did you know that most commercial producers use a process called reverse osmosis to strip water from the sap and concentrate sugars? It has added efficiencies, but we firmly believe that other aspects of the sap–micronutrients, amino acids, volatile organic compounds, and other tiny bits–are also diminished when saps are stripped. All of these subtle aspects are what give maple syrups its wide range of flavors. Syrup which has been made with stripped sap is still sweet and tasty, but we firmly believe you’re losing a lot of the magic. Consequently, you’ll only get whole syrups from Tapatree~we’re all about authentic! After the syrup has a little time in the jars, we will decant and bottle it. Each batch will be tasted and receive a flavor profile to give you an idea of what sort of amazing awaits!

Each season is unique, and that is reflected in the syrups. Last year started out with a significant heat wave (temperatures were up near 80!), and the syrups were complex and spicy–lots of cinnamon, chocolate, and citrus. This year we’re seeing more vanilla, caramel and butterscotch tones to start. The more gentle (albeit early) start to the season is allowing those classic flavors to shine. 2017 Sap House Notes will start shortly!

In like a lion–the season roared to a quick start–and we’re hoping it will leave like a lamb, giving us a consistent run throughout March and into April. If you need to find us, we’ll be in the sap house or checking taps! We’ll keep the lights on for you~

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