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A New Year–Welcome to 2018!

by Deanna Nelson | Jan 1, 2018


Here we are at the start of a fresh new year—what a blessing! And although we bring forward tracks of years past, we are looking across a fresh field as well.

Last year was full of changes and growth. Whole Maple for Coffee was launched and warmly received. Gram’s Diner accepted two Tapatree offerings on its fabulous diner menu—pairing syrup with a delicious French pressed specialty roast, and developing an amazing house-made Tapatree maple cocoa for the cold months. We developed our first formal Simplified Syrup Assessment to utilize in our artisanal syrup tastings. We spent a fabulous day in the Beekman 1802 Mercantile tasting syrups and exploring the artisanal difference. Our friends at Modern Farmer Magazine published a nice “Meet the Modern Farmer” article about Zoar Tapatree in their Winter 2017 issue, and Perfect Daily Grind accepted and published a short article on the potential of artisanal maple syrup for pairing with specialty coffees ( Absolutely none of this would have been possible but for the generosity and inspiration of our friends and muses (thank you [in no particular order!] Kyle Hayes, Gram’s Diner, Will McCulloch, Rene Martinez, Mary Allen Lindeman, Ben Stechschulte, Modern Farmer, Perfect Daily Grind, Beekman 1802, Susan Zabriskie, as well as so many others!).

Our families also experienced a lot of growth in 2017: Jeri was invited to participate in the Fibonacci Gallery in Clayton, NY; Quill & Plow launched their very first CD, “Breaking Ground;” Ivy is showing her artwork around the globe; Grae headed west for new adventures in Colorado; Shane is starting each of his days with laughter; my three are ramping up for new adventures in high school and college; and Grandma Pat is all cozy and tucked into her school house on the farm. The tracks of 2017 are pointing us in a great direction for 2018, and we’re excited for the new adventures it holds.

But right now we’re just trying to stay warm. January 1 came with record-breaking low temperatures, so the wood stoves are cranked up and we’re allowing ourselves a little rest and relaxation with family. Too many cookies. Too much butter on biscuits. So much indulgence! Soon enough (like tomorrow) we will be back at making the many preparations needed for the spring run. With the deep snow and very cold temperatures, this may portend a longer spring season, although we’ll be ready for anything. One of the most fascinating aspects of artisanal syrups is how the syrups capture the nuances of terroir, including the weather variations. Each bottle captures a moment in time in the most real sense of the concept. So we’re putting each year in a bottle for you…and for our own joy. What a special treat to be able to share with so many people a piece of the magic…

So we’re looking forward to a rollicking 2018—let’s fill it up with old and new friends, love, and continued growth on all fronts. Together we can do anything.

With love and gratitude, CHEERS—from all of us here at Zoar Tapatree!

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