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Decking the Halls

by | Dec 7, 2013 | blog |

It is with a mixture of resignation and emerging holiday cheer that the seasonal decorations are being uncrated this weekend. So too we will make our annual pilgrimage to Hemlock Haven in Sandy Creek, NY to select a beautiful Christmas tree, pick out an ornament or three, sip cocoa, and perhaps take a horse-drawn ride through the groves of Christmas trees waiting in anticipation of either selection or survival for another year. I always like to see the proud trees that have slipped by and now have only Rockefeller Center or the White House to worry about. They stand casually in the fields of smaller trees, smugly announcing their longevity and security.

Paul will not succumb to cutting an entire tree. His sentimentality and perhaps the memory of planting and caring for his charges prevent him from taking the whole thing. Consequently, he has a certain number of firs in his forest that more closely resemble topiary than natural trees. Jeri’s artistic talent coupled with Paul’s arboreal selections always gives them the most eclectic Christmas trees.

I am hopeful that on Sunday night we will all be able to sit in front of a lit tree and a warm fire—that is the ultimate seasonal reward.

Stay tuned for syrup updates…although there is not apt to be much volume yet due to the competition of other important tasks, Paul does have encouraging news. Small batches are in production, and will be a lovely treat on a snowy December day.

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