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Flour Shop!

Flour Shop!


The perfect gift for someone who enjoys working with amazing stoneground whole grains! Select from one of three Grist & Toll gourmet grains--Ancient Spelt, Heirloom Blue Corn (gluten free!), or Hard Red Whole Wheat! Keep scrolling to learn more about these fabulous grain choices: 


Heirloom Blue Cornmeal: Fresh Milled, Whole Grain

This beautiful blue corn is soft, delicate cornmeal with incredibly rich flavor and aroma: subtly floral with roasted/toasted and candied flavors with a bit of fermentation on the nose (in a good way!)
*You can substitute this cornmeal 1:1 for grocery store brands


Hard Red Wheat:  Fresh Milled 100% Extraction (100% whole wheat), Joaquin Oro.

California grown Joaquin Oro hard red wheat has long been a favorite at the mill, but very hard to come by. For such a strong bread baking wheat, its color is a little lighter and the flavor is always mellow, malty, nutty and delicious. This is one of our favorite go-to whole wheat flours for bread, whether leavened by a sourdough starter or commercial dried yeast.


Spelt Flour: Freshly Milled 100% Extraction (Whole Grain)

An ancient relative of wheat with great baking flexibility. We love it for bread and pasta, and equally as well for pastries and all home baking. Because of Spelt’s soft, tender texture, it’s one of the easier whole grain flours to sub for All Purpose. Spelt has a sweet, nutty, well-rounded flavor profile. The extensibility of Spelt flour makes it great for laminated dough and pastry. We particularly love spelt when baking with Chocolate (think brownies and layer cakes!) and for traditional homey baked goods like banana bread, zucchini bread and carrot cake.


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