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Twinning Terroir

Twinning Terroir


Now pick from two twinning sets! Two half pints of minimally processed, batched Whole Maple syrups, both created with the intact sap of March 27, 2023, OR April 6, 2023! The March 27 batches are from sap 6 days past the new moon, the April 6 syrups are in the Full Moon stage!  Our syrup is drawn from trees in the calcium-rich alluvial soils at the edge of the Tug Hill Plateau. The Adirondack Syrup--curated for you--is from the trees in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York, situated on sandy soils overlying granite and at a significantly higher elevation. Taste the amazing differences in terroir in these two unique pairings of delicious syrups! The profiles are as follows:

March 27:

Tapatree Batch 14H: Nougat layered w. baked apple, hints of cinnamon. Amber/Rich.

Curated by Tapatree Y3/27H: Golden toasted Adirondack campfire marshmallow! Notes of caramel & whispers of the North Forest.  Amber/Rich.

April 6:

Tapatree Batch 19H: Rich layers of dates, caramel & tamarind w. hints of ginger & roasted dandelion root! Dark/Robust.

Curated by Tapatree Y4/6H:  Warm earthy syrup w. subtle layer of buckwheat honey, late hint of coffee bean & butter; ferrous back note. Amber/Rich.

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