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Pint: Tapatree Whole Maple

Pint: Tapatree Whole Maple


Each flow of sap is captured in a minimally processed batch, allowing each flow to express its own interpretation of terroir and season. 

Select early batches, midseason or late.  Early season syrup tends to be less complex, often with vanilla, caramel, honey or light fruit. Midseason syrup often has more depth, many times with fruit, spice, and vanilla or butter notes. Late season syrup is often very full of fruit and spice, and tends to be a good option for winter cocktails, marinades, and roasting.

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    Single source, minimally processed, small batch syrups! Each bottle is evaluated and labeled with batch number and our flavor impressions. Give us a taste!

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    We don't like to make mistakes! If you've received a product in error, or it is received broken (!), let us know right away, together with a photo of the disaster so we can do better the next time.

    We'll happily make your order whole again!

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    We love to share our syrups! All of our syrups are bottled in glass to best protect the flavors and purity of the syrup. We ship via USPS within 24-hours of your order being placed. If there is a delay or disruption, we will notify you promptly!  A flat rate of $10 applies to all orders.