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Terroir Series: Tapatree Pints By Batch

Terroir Series: Tapatree Pints By Batch


For the aficionado who really knows what they want. Each batch is minimally processed and evaluated. We will add batch descriptors to this selection as they are labeled for sale. Let us know which batch you'd like! 

***More variants available in half pint size! Check them out!


11H: Buttery cinnamon-vanilla custard w. a brûlée note, secondary layers of papaya. Amber/Rich.


13H: Butterscotch-vanilla custard over a crispy wafer! Amber/Rich.


17H: Sun-ripened raspberry notes w. layers of honey! Amber/Rich.


18H: Butter-crisp ginger snap cookie! Finishes with a light lemon note. Amber/Rich.



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