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Tapatree By Batch--2020 Pints

Tapatree By Batch--2020 Pints


For the afficianado who really knows what they want.  Each batch is minimally processed and evaluated. We will add batch descriptors to this selection as they are labeled for sale. Let us know which batch you'd like!

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1E: Bright oaky vanilla with hints of nut to butterscotch, finishes with roasted marshmallow. Amber/Rich.


2E: Vanilla butterscotch with smoky toasted whispers. Amber/Rich.


3E: Fruity buttery caramel with hints of golden raisin and nuts. Amber/Rich.


4E: Bright floral syrup with buttery golden raisin, apricot and vanilla notes. Amber/Rich.


5E: Summery orange-blossom, honey-toffee tones, with vanilla and bits of nutmeg. Amber/Rich.


6E: Buttery creme caramel with honey-vanilla layers and roasted finish. Amber/Rich.


7E: Sweet vanilla, buttery syrup with notes of apricot and nutmeg. Amber/Rich.


8E: Reminiscent of the sweet smell of dried wood and summer camp, this syrup tastes of butterscotch, baked apple, and a hint of oranges. Amber/Rich.


9E: SOLD OUT. Praline bourbon pecan, with notes of aged black cardamom, gentle taffy closing notes. Amber/Rich.


10E: Dark brown caramel sugar with plum, toffee/coffee late notes. Amber/Rich.


11E: Umami with notes of root beer, hazelnut, ginseng and coffee, laced with dried apple tang. Dark/Robust.


12E: Complex syrup with layers of soy, fig, nuts, molasses, dark chocolate and spiced rum. Dark/Robust.


13E: Bittersweet chocolate and coconut, hints of orange peel and linden flower. Dark/Robust.


14E: Balsamic fig notes, with intense plum, sour cherry and blackberry layers. Dark/Robust.

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