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Terroir Series: Curated by Tapatree--1/2 Pints

Terroir Series: Curated by Tapatree--1/2 Pints


One of our goals is to bring curated Whole Maple syrups to you--syrups from different soils and different craftspeople so you can explore terroir and process.  Introducing our second curated syrups, handcrafted by Jane and Haskell Yancey, with their son, Tim Yancey, in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains.  Only an hour's drive away, the maple forest tapped by Jane, Haskell & Tim (and the Yancey family since 1844) is on a much higher elevation, with sandy soils over granite bedrock.  These two batches were created on March 27, 2023,  and April 6, 2023, and concentrated above a woodfired open arch.  We require that the syrups we bring to you be minimally processed, and this syrup has not been stripped by reverse osmosis or high-pressure filtration. We hope you love it and enjoy the opportunity to have the "taste of a place."  The Yancey's are a 2010 TAUNY (Traditional Arts in Upstate New York) award winner.  Welcome to Northern New York!

Two tastes:

As always, this batch has been flavor profiled at Tapatree for your guidance: Curated by Tapatree Batch Y3/27H: Golden toasted Adirondack campfire marshmallow! Notes of caramel & whispers of the North Forest.  Amber/Rich. 

Batch Y4/6H: Warm earthy syrup w. subtle layer of buckwheat honey, late hint of coffee bean & butter; ferrous back note. Amber/Rich.

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