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What does “whole maple” taste like? Oh, let us count the tastes!

by Deanna Nelson | Oct 8, 2017 | blog, sap house notes, Syrup |

Zoar Tapatree Co.– 2017 Traditional Maple Syrups—Profile List

Batch 1B: Creme brûlée; buttery, with vanilla and toasted toasted nut.

Batch 2B: Tapioca pudding!

Batch 3B: Light brown sugar,fruity notes with vanilla tones.

Batch 4B: Vanilla dressed in toasted coconut— “Twinkies!”

Batch 5B: Golden raisin with vanilla and hints of praline.

Batch 6B: Buttery vanilla with hints of toffee.

Batch 7B: Vanilla, with toasty marshmallow and praline notes.

Batch 8B: Fruity raisins and raw nuts with cocoa undertone.

Batch 9B: Buttery syrup reminiscent of melted brown sugar.

Batch 10B: Creme brûlée with mineral undertones.

Batch 11B: Bright, fruity with vanilla undertones.

Batch 12B: Baked apple with allspice; finishes with notes of caramel.

Batch 13B: Light syrup with mild hints of raisin and brown sugar.

Batch 14B: Golden raisin with light vanilla tones.

Batch 15B: Dried papaya!

Batch 16B: Brioche with hints of vanilla and butter, subtle layer of golden raisin.

Batch 17B: Robust with layers of praline, toffee with mineral notes.

Batch 18B: Golden sugar with undertones of vanilla and butterscotch-very well-balanced.

Batch 19B: Baked peach cobbler with cinnamon/nutmeg notes, whispers of toasted nut.

Batch 20B: Fruity, raisin with light cinnamon finish.

Batch 21B: Medium caramel with late hints of ginger.

Batch 22B: Rich flavor Plum Fun Cake! Melted butter, raw nut with clove.

Batch 23B: Praline with a dark chocolate layer, hints of allspice and raisin, with mineral under-notes.

Batch 24B: Balanced fruity-spiced syrup, notes of buttered papaya, bourbon spice. Lots of mineral drop.

Batch 25B: Dark spiced, buttered rum!

Batch 26B: Tangy licorice with molasses—zippy!

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